The Provisions Qatar Made For World Cup 2022

The fifa world cup will be hosted in a Muslim for the first time in history this year, and the prestigious tournament which generates visitors from around the world will begin this week.

Qatar has displayed murals containing hadith of the Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ in various locations across Doha, in preparation for the world cup.

Qatar Inaugurates fifa world cup 2022 with Qur'an recitation (Suratul Rahman), below are the provisions provided:

1. Sayings of Prophet ﷺ in every corner promoting the beauty of Islam.

2. Alcohol will not be sold at the World Cup's eight stadiums in Qatar, Fifa has announced, two days before the tournament starts.

3. In hotel rooms, there is a barcode that introduces the teachings of Islam, hadiths, and a simple definition of our faith.

4. They changed muezzins of mosques and brought those with beautiful voices. Microphones are put in stadiums for Azan.

5. Qatar Guest Center to prepare a team of 2,000 people to call for Islam, where it will allocate 10 mobile cars and 10 specialized tents.

6. Islamic exhibitions by Ministry of Awqaf in different languages for visitors.

7.Availability of prayer areas and places for ablution in stadiums for the first time in the history of World Cup.

and many more.

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