How To Know When Prayer Is Accepted

"Have you ever thought like is my prayer accepted?"

"Is there any sign that my prayer got answered?" 

"How can you understand that your prayer is accepted?"

Actually yes, there are three (3) signs, from those you can understand that yes your prayers are accepted. 

What are those signs?

1. We will be displeased with those same acts of sins and wrong doings. 

Allah says in the holy Qur'an, " Indeed prayer prohibits immorality and wrong doing." ( Al Ankabut 45).

2. We will always remember Allah Azawajal 

"And when you have completed your prayers, remember Allah Azawajal standing, sitting and reclining." (An Nisa 103)

3. We will always feel inside that Allah is watching us 

The Prophet Muhammad (Sallah Llah Alei Wasalam) said: "When you worship Allah Azawajal it is as if you see Him. So If you do not see Him, indeed Allah sees you" ( Bukhari).

If you feel lazy for praying,

Here is the Dua for not feeling lazy for prayer.

اللهم أعنى على ذكرك وشكرك وحسن عبادتك 

Allahumo a'inni ala dhikrika wa shukrika wa husni 'ibadatik

"Oh Allah assist me in remembering you, in thanking you, and worshipping in the best of manners." (Sunnah Abi Dawud 1522).

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