How To Safe From The Torment Of Grave

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Verily, the grave is the first stage of the Hereafter, who ever is saved from it, what comes after will be easier for him. If he's not saved from it, whatever comes after will be harder for him. I have never seen anything more frightening than grave." 

If you want to safe from the torment of grave below are the Ibadah you need to put more efforts in it

1. Keep Praying 5 Times

Because prayer is the first thing that is accounted, don't even leave a Dua, let alone prayer.

2. Alms / Charity (Sadaqah)

Even if it's 5 rupees alms it is ok as long as it is consistent and sincere, that is much more pleasing to Allah. 

3. Tahajud

Get up and pray while others are asleep, distance your body from your mattress, call upon Allah, In Sha Allah all the Godly deeds will benefits you in your grave. 

4. Read Surah Al Mulk Every Time

Before you go to bed take little out of your time to read this Surah it's not long it contains 30 verses but the effect is that you can be free from the punishment of grave.

5. Read The Qur'an 

Even if one verse a day, because the Qur'an will later intercede for you. 

6. Recite a Lot of Dhikr

Subhanallah Wabihamdihi, Subhanallah Al'adhim. The two sentences are light to say but heavy on the scale on the day of Resurrection and loved by Allah. 

7. Adhkar Before Taslim

Don't leave this Dua at the end of every prayer before getting Salaam.

Allahumo Ini Ahuzubika Mina Azabi Jahanam Wa min Azabil Qabr Wa Min Witnatil Mahya Walmamat Wa Fitnatil Masihid Dajjal.

"Yah Allah, I take refuge in you from the punishment of grave, from the torment of hellfire, from the trial and tribulation of life and death and from the evil affliction of Al Masih Ad dajjal".

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