What Are The Evils Of Celebrating Valentine?

It is not allowed for Muslims to celebrate Valentine's Day. It is one of the ways of the kuffar. Muslims celebrate love with their wives, relatives and all manners of people all the time. In a hadith reported by Abu Hurairah mentioned in the Book of Love in Riyaadus as- Sooliheen: the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم says: 

"By the One in Whose Hand my life is; you will not believe except you love yourselves.."

At the end of the hadith, he prescribed one of the ways of strengthening love within ourselves as spreading of tasleem within ourselves. Let us come to think of it, do we do tasleem on yearly basis? No! We are expected to do it all the time even to people we do not know (as mentioned in another narration). But today, there are lots of Muslims who celebrate Valentine's Day. But when you give them tasleem, they would never answer. And they don't greet their fellow Muslims by saying the tasleem. There are many Muslim Professors who don't respond to tasleem. Some people feel too big to first extend tasleem to young children. Extend tasleem and reply tasleem with smiling face, it is Sunnah. Don't frown your face against your fellow brethren. The smiling face alone can secure a high rank for you in sight of Allah.

Part of what spreads love among us is to exchange gifts time from time, not on annual basis. There are many Muslims who are suffering to eat and they are very close to you. You don't care whether they have eaten or not and you are celebrating Valentine's Day. Some people have withdrawn from schools because they can't pay. You send your own kids to wherever you like paying millions and you don't care about other people. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم encourage us to exchange gifts that we would love ourselves. Do we do this as we are expected to be doing? We have our own ways as Muslims, we should not follow the ways of kuffar. The Sunnah is our path, let's stick to it.

To really know how Valentine's Day evolved, try to google it and see the outcome. I wrote a short note on it few years ago. In sha Allah I will share if I can still find it. The bottom line is that in a hadith; the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: later Muslims would follow the ways of the disbelievers to the extent that when they enter the hole of lizard, Muslims would like to enter it with them. There are many lizard holes Muslims are entering today with the Kuffar and its very unfortunate. The Valentine's Day celebration is one of them. Muslim must protect themselves and their households against this annual virus. 

May Allah guide us aright.

Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

7th February, 2017


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