The Three Beloved Servant of Allah

From Abu Al-Darda رَضِيَ اللهُ عَنْهُ. Rasulullah (ﷺ ) said, “  There are three kinds of people who are beloved of Allah:   

(1.)  The Mujahid [one who fights in the way of Allah] whose  army has deserted but he stands by and fights for the sake of  Allah to the extent that either he is killed or Allah helps him.  Allah (SWT) addressing His angels says. “ Look to my slave.  How wonderfully he is steadfast in the battlefield and is  fighting only for me”.

(2.)  The one who is sleeping with his beautiful wife on a comfortable bed but when the time of Tahajjud comes he gets  up and stands before Allah. Allah [addressing angels] says, “  Look! he has left his sweet sleep and remembers Me. He  could have kept sleeping, if so desired”.  

(3.)  The person, who is traveling with a caravan, sleeps for  sometime, gets up in the last hours of the night and stands for  Tahajjud. He offers this prayer whether he is in distress or  feeling comfortable."

[Al-Targheeb wa AlTarheeb: Tabrani]


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