What Are The Story Behind Prophet Birth Pbuh

The prophet was born in Makkah in the year of elephant,the year he was given birth to was named the year of elephant because the king of Abasha(Abyssinia) sent troops and big elephants to destroy the ka'abah(House of ALlaah in Makkah)in order to divert the attention of people to his temple(placeof worship) in that year(The year the prophet was born),ALlaah the most powerful destroyed the troops in honour of the prophet's birth.

ALlaah says: Surah Al-fil(CH 105), Verse 3-5:

"And (ALlaah)sent against them birds, in flocks,

Striking them with stones of Sijjil."

And made them like an empty field of stalks (of which the corn has been eaten up by cattle).

The prophet was born on Monday,this is established in one of his sayings when he was asked about fasting on Mondays,he said " On that day(Monday) i was born and on it revelation came down to me ". Reported by Muslim.

There was no consensus amongst the scholars on the month and date he was given birth to,from what is popular but not established to be correct is that he was given birth to on the 12th of Robiul awwal(The third month in the Islamic calendar),some said on the 8th of Robiul awwal,some said on the 9th of Robiul awwal,some said he was born in the month of Ramadan(The ninth month ib the Islamic calendar) ,some said on the 27th of Rajab(The seventh month in the Islamic calendar)(The strangest opinion).

The prophet did not mention his date of birth,his companions who are the most eager people on earth concerning the prophet and Islam did not ask him of his date of birth.

Some of today's Muslim set aside every 12th of Robiul awwal for the celebration of the prophet's birthday,this action is a repulsive innovation(baseless and attracts punishments, this is because the prophet did not celebrate his birthday during his life time,his companions and those who followed them upon goodness did not celebrate his birthday after his death as well,scholars of hadith(sayings of the prophet) even said that those celebrating his birthday on every 12th of Rabiul awwal are actually celebrating his death because the most correct opinion is that the prophet died on the 12th of Rabiul awwal.

Allah knows better


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