How To Perform Tayammum

Tayammum is also know as dry ablution, it's an ablution, someone can perform dry ablution when there's no water or health condition of Muslim, he or she can now proceed to dry ablution.

First, one must have the intention to perform ablution and purifying himself, then says Bismillah, then strike the soil with your palms, shake off any debris from the soil and wipe your face with the two palms from top of the Face down as if you are wiping your face after dua. Then wipe round your two palms in and out to the wrist as if you are washing your hands. It must be pure dry soil: this can be sand, stone, brick or block and so on.

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Nothing is more authentic and clear than what 'Ammaar  related. He said: "I once became sexually impure and had no water, so I rolled in the dirt and prayed. This was mentioned to the Prophet  who said: "This would have been enough for you," and he struck the earth with his hands, blew them and then wiped his face and hands with them." [Imam Bukhaari & Imam Muslim narrated].

After performing Tayammum, one is pure and may perform any of the acts requiring ritual purification, such as praying. Alhamdulillah. May Allah purify our hearts to act only for His sake. Aameen.


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