In which do our Limbs fast during Ramadan?

Sh. Bin Bāz رحمه الله said:

"The fasting of the limbs is distancing them from that which Allāh had prohibited them from.

• The tongue fasts (refrains) from that which Allāh has prohibited it from, for example, backbiting, tale-carrying between people, lying and that which is similar to this.

• The hand fasts (refrains) from that which Allāh has prohibited it from, for example, stealing, transgression (oppression), aggression and similar to this.

• Also, the foot keeps away from that which Allāh has prohibited it from; so it must not proceed and walk towards that which Allāh has prohibited.

• Likewise, the stomach should be safeguarded from eating that which is ḥarām; a person must safeguard his stomach from prohibited food.

• And he safeguards his hearing from listening to that which Allāh has prohibited, for example, musical instruments, backbiting, tale-carrying and other than this."

● [فتاوى نور على الدرب ٢٠/١٦]

All praise is due to Allah Azawajal,we ask Him to bless the Prophet Sallah Llah Alei Wasalam,and we pray to let's die in the path of Qur'an and Sunnah.



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