What Are The Effective Ramadan Routine


1. Sleep Daily by 10:00pm.

2. Wake up 3:00am.

3. Tahajjud 3:30am till 4:15am

4. Study Quran for 20mins, at least 10 verses with meaning.

• 4:15am - 4:35am.

• Observe your Dua for 10mins, ask all your desires from Allah 4:35 - 4:45.

5. Eat Sahur 4:45am till 5:05am

6. Rest till 5:20am but try not sleep.

7. Pray Salatu Subhi: 5:30am

8. Do Morning Azkar till 6am/6:30am

9. Rest/Prepare for the day till 7am.

10. Pray Salatu Duha, at least 4 Rakats. From 11:00am to 11:30am

11. Constantly Listen to Quran.

12. Pray Salatu Zuhr by 1pm. Do 20mins Azkar.

13. Pray Salatu Asr by 4:00pm & Do 20mins Evening Azkar, and recitation of the Qur'an.

14. Break your fast at 7:00pm with what you can afford. But pray and ask Allah for anything and everything you want before breaking the fast.

• Pray Salatu Magrib, your Dua will not be  rejected.

15. 8:00pm Start Praying Ishai & Pray 11 Rakats of Taraweeh till 9:00pm.

16. After Taraweeh, spend 5mins to reflect on the day, and ask yourself these questions;.

• What did you do well?

• What needs to be improved?.

• What needs to stop?

• What needs to start?

May we witness Ramadan in good health.🤲

We pray Almighty Allah rewards us all.🤲

NOTE: This is just an observation, the time should be followed according to your country weather


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