The Inseparable (episode 4)

  Absorption of worldly affairs breeds light in the heart and absorption of the next world enkindle light in the hearts

      Writer's POV

  "Of all the fishes in the river ,why your half sister?"Asked Ms Naila giving Haseeb you are unbelievable look. "Mum ,can you also heard what you just called her? My half sister not exactly my sister."He proclaimed settling down on a Sofa.

  "Even at that ,she is your sister,your blood. Not acceptable in reality not to talk of religion terms."Explained Ms Naila looking at his son straight in the eyes. "Whatever. Hafsoh please get me something to eat."He ordered his mum personal maid not willing to continue the discussion with his mum.

   "Haseeb am speaking with you"Uttered his mum angrily. "Mum. What now? What did you want me to do when I found her attractive to my eyes? Is it bad to have a taste of what keeps giving me sleepless nights?" He shouted on top of his voices which made Ms Naila to move closer to him and placed her hand on her son's shoulder.

   "This is wrong son . You have strong will to commit that despicable act with your sister,the worst thing human being could commit against a family member"She explained to her son emotionally.

   "Then what did you expect me to do now mum ? Cos am confused . The urge keeps growing stronger in me everyday I set my eyes on her "Upon hearing this, Ms Naila stood up and gone deep in thoughts but later heaved a sigh of relief as an idea played itself in her head.

  "I think I have a solution to this."She said setting back on a sofa. "And what's that mum?" Asked Haseeb gazing at his mum with some hopes. "We are to blackmail her. Am sure king will never believe their side but he will surely believe our side and we have to take advantage of that."She pursed a bit . 

   "In what way mum?"Haseeb asked running out of patients." We are to tell the king that she sent for you to visit her room and seduced you when you got there behaving and swaying her shapes flirtatiously around you but because of an honest man you are,You left angrily without giving in to her. With that,we will be able to clean up the mess you've caused. We have to clean up the mess you caused,you at times do things without thinking of what it will lead to. "Explained Ms Naila putting smile on his son face.

  "Am sure King will immediately arrange her marriage if he should heard that and it will surely work in our own benefit because the far you are away from her ,the less your urge to hold her will become.

   "Woah ,woah ,woah and woah . Gosh having a mother like you is truly a blessing from heaven . Excellent plan and am sure dad will never ask for any prove because he trust us completely." Voiced out Haseeb joyfully.

   "And once she's out of the palace ,you must make sure you guard your emotions and that your foolish urges well for you not to fall for anyone else because any single mistake from you will ruin us. Forget about everything and think about our PRIMARY ASSIGNMENT which is THRONE , PROPERTY and POWER. Once we've been able to get that,then you can start using your power the way you like it,no one will stop you. Please donot turn yourself to an unlike person in the nation planning to have a feast ,who did he expect to attend? No one because no one loves him or I've you forgotten about the facts that no one want you as the crown prince ,you are only favoured because you are the king most beloved son. Please DON NOT  DEPRIVE ME OF THE RIGHT TO BECOME THE KING MOTHER WITH YOUR LIFESTYLE BECAUSE AM SIMPLY TIRED OF MS AND MA ,I WANT TO BE ADDRESS WITH 'YOUR MAJESTY. ' " Voiced out Ms Naila angrily scolding his son for what he did.

  "Don't worry mum I won't deprive you of that. Am already the crown prince." Uttered Haseeb proudly making his mum to give him serious look.

 "Don't you get it ? You being the crown prince does not give us the rest of mind of you winning the throne because FARHAN IS STILL A BARRIER . people want him for being the legitimate son ,some mistakes from him can be overlook but when it comes to you ,they will feel like "A BASTARD WILL ALWAYS BE A BASTARD." Simply because you are illegitimate son.  So, for you to stop them from saying that you have to turn to a FOOL ,become their PUPPET ,LET THEM USE YOU ,A DAY WILL COME WHEN YOU WILL ALSO PLACE THEM UNDER YOUR FEETS AND STEPS ON THEM THE WAY YOU LIKE WHEN YOU FINALLY GET WHAT YOU WANT. Please my dear ,WE CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE. " She explained to her son vividly

             Farhan's POV

  I woke up to the sound of alarm and quickly switched it off, walked straight to the bathroom , perform my ablution and head back to the room for my sallah. I heard footsteps which made me to know that my guards and maid are also up for Sallah. With that I joined them in the sitting room for us to pray together.

  The expression I saw on Latifah's face immediately she saw me is undescribable . Why did she have that kind of expression , 'maybe I only think of that because of the facts that am still feeling sleepy.' I thought to myself and waved it away. 

  "Assalamun Allaykum." I said my greetings to them immediately we are through with our sallah inwhich they answered me immediately and start their various chores except Latifa who still settled down on the prayer mat gazing down.

  Hey what happened?" I asked but Latifa didn't even make an attempt to reply me , maybe she's deep in thought but what could she be thinking about ? I've never seen her like this before, she's always jovial for all I know .

 "Latifa" I called out loud bringing her back to the present looking at me with shock plastered on her face . Why is she like this ? She's been like this since yesterday. "What happened to you? You don't look good." I asked worriedly. I hate seeing people around me unhappy so for that I always try my best to put a smile on everyone faces even when am not happy.

  Instead of her to answer me ,she asked me one foolish question which I don't know what expression or answer I could give to her. "Your highness ,you are still alive ?"What kind of question is that ? The most foolish question ever 'No am dead.' I answered her inside of me but didn't say it out. "Yes I am as you can see ." I answered showing her myself clearly.

  "Oh I can see you clearly." She said to me indefferently ,fold the prayer mat and left the sitting room in an instant. What's wrong with this girl? Is she truly Latifa? Am not sure of that . "Assalamun Allaykum your highness" heard from behind of me which I quickly assumed to be Ms Fareeha (head of maids) . I quickly turned around, fold my mat and stood up to face her ,I guessed right.

 "Wallaykumun salam warahmatullah wabarakatuhu. Hummmm, can't believe it's you ,you've never visit me around this time because you are always busy." I said jokingly which made her to chuckle.

  "When did beautiful passed away ? I saw it's death body on my way in." She said to me pointing to the exit door . "What ? Beauty?" I asked shockingly and quickly rushed out . Beauty  is the name given to my cat ,I named it beauty because of it's undeniable beautiful eyes.

  "Inna lillahi wainna Illayhi rajiun" I shouted in tears immediately I saw it's dead body. You must be wondering why am crying because of cat daeth. That's because I love cats alot , especially beauty because it was given to me by someone special. Someone I've been willing to meet again.

 "Stop your tears your highness. We can get you another cat." Said Ms Fareeha. " No cats can be compared to this because it's special." I said her hugging the dead cat tightly. "This food contain poison." Uttered Ms Fareeha observing the food eaten by my cat. 

  "Poison?" I asked not believing her ." Where did you get this food?" She asked suspiciously. "It was cooked for me by my maid but I gave it to my cat because I didn't have appetite." I explained to her. *Your highness you are still alive?* Latifa question to me earlier sound to my ears immediately making tears to rushed out of my eyes. I hate being betrayed by people closed to me the most.

"Why will your maid wish to kill you?" Asked Ms Fareeha trying to figure the reasons out. " I don't know . I can't even think of the reasons. I've never been harsh on her,I sees her as my younger sister." I said in tears 

Ms Fareeha sent Latifa out of the royal family without allowing her to explain the reasons why she poisoned me. Even though I wish to hear it. Ms Fareeha also promise to send me one honest maid among the errand maids.


            Writer's POV

 "Your majesty please quickly arrange Princess Omaira marriage for her not to put the royal family to shame by what she did. The prophet said : (o young people! Whoever can marry should marry as it helps to lower ones gaze ,and protect ones private parts, and whoever is not able to marry should fast as this helps him to protect his private parts from sexual intercourse.(Al -Bukhari and Muslim.)" Said Ms Naila  adding that to her lies.

 "I've always known that Aaleya's children will bring me nothing than shame." Shouted King angrily while Ms Naila wore evil smile upon hearing that. She moved closer to the king, settled beside him and rub his chest. "Sorry love but I think the best thing to do now is for you to arrange marriage for her since she couldn't protect her private parts. I know you want her to finish her education , but she does not want the same for herself. Allah knows you've tried your best on her already." Explained Ms Naila giving king fake concerned look.

  "I understand . Will find a suitor for her ." Assured king making Ms Naila the most happiest human being on Earth and quickly gave king a very tight hug.

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To be continued......

Hints from next episode

"I'm too young for marriage . "

"How dare you go against my order."

Written by Maryam Clara Oladejo

(The phenomenal author)

Brought to you by; Ibnkhaer


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