Why Angel Does Not Descend Except By Allah's Permission

Imam Ahmad recorded that Ibn Abbas said that the Messenger of Allah said to Jibril,

مَا يَمْنَعُكَ أَنْ تَزُورَنَا أَكْثَرَ مِمَّا تَزُورُنَا

What prevents you from visiting us more than you do?

Then this Ayah was revealed,

وَمَا نَتَنَزَّلُ إِلاَّ بِأَمْرِ رَبِّكَ

And we descend not except by the command of your Lord.

Al-Bukhari was alone in recording it and he related it with the Tafsir of this Ayah.

Al-Awfi reported from Ibn Abbas that he said,

"Jibril was kept from visiting the Messenger of Allah, so he was disturbed and grieved because of this.

Then, Jibril came to him and said, `O Muhammad,
وَمَا نَتَنَزَّلُ إِلاَّ بِأَمْرِ رَبِّكَ
(And we descend not except by the command of your Lord)."'

Allah said,

لَهُ مَا بَيْنَ أَيْدِينَا وَمَا خَلْفَنَا

To Him belongs what is before us and what is behind us,

It has been said that the meaning of "what is before us" refers to that which is in this life and "what is behind us" refers to the Hereafter.

وَمَا بَيْنَ ذَلِكَ

and what is between those two;

This means what is between two blows of the Sur.

This is the opinion of Abu Al-Aliyah, Ikrimah and Mujahid.

This was also stated by Sa`id bin Jubayr and Qatadah in one narration from them.

As-Suddi and Ar-Rabi` bin Anas held this opinion as well.

It has also been said,
مَا بَيْنَ أَيْدِينَا
(what is before us),

means the future matters of the Hereafter.

وَمَا خَلْفَنَا
(what is behind us),

means what has taken place in this life,

وَمَا بَيْنَ ذَلِكَ

what is between those two;

means what happens between this life and the Hereafter.

A statement like this explanation has been reported from Ibn Abbas, Sa`id bin Jubayr, Ad-Dahhak, Qatadah, Ibn Jurayj and Ath-Thawri.

Ibn Jarir also preferred this latter interpretation.

And Allah knows best.

Concerning Allah's statement,

وَمَا كَانَ رَبُّكَ نَسِيًّا

and your Lord is never forgetful.

Mujahid said,

"This means that your Lord has not forgotten you."

Allah says;

رَّبُّ ٱلسَّمَٰوَٰتِ وَٱلْأَرْضِ وَمَا بَيْنَهُمَا فَٱعْبُدْهُ وَٱصْطَبِرْ لِعِبَٰدَتِهِۦۚ هَلْ تَعْلَمُ لَهُۥ سَمِيًّا 

Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them -  so worship Him and have patience for His worship.  Do you know of any similarity to Him?"

All Praise is due to Allah we ask Him to let us die in the path of Qur'an and Sunnah



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