What Are The Tips In Salah

 There are some tips to enhance our prayers by give a good start.

  • Start with Allah Akbar,

- Raise your hand up to the level of your ear or shoulder

- Hold your hands

- Recite Suratul Fatha and another Surah

  • When in ruku,

- Hold your knees firmly

- Straight your back

- Recite the Adhkar

  • When in Sujud,

- Lift ur arm length off the ground

- Bring ur feet together

- Ur feet & nose must touch the ground

- Recite the Adhkar

• Don’t act before or with the Imam

  •  Last Sitting include;

- Tashahhud

- Salatun Nabiy

- Protection from the four

- Du’ah

- Tasleem

All Praises is due to Allah we ask Him to accept our prayers, and let us die in the path of Qur'an and Sunnah.




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