The Inseparable (episode 3)

The Inseparable(Undying Love)     

Episode 3;

Difficult to Choose

Do not belittle a small sin , for the biggest of fires can be caused by the smallest of sparks.

      Writer's POV

  Haseeb settled down on his bed thinking deeply on how to due with Farhan. He is not ready to let what Farhan did to him to go away like that . "How dare he ? Who did he think he is ? He might be the eldest prince but the facts that am the crown prince should always make a sound to his ears right? How dare he raised his hand at the heir to the throne?"

 This was the way he kept on speaking to himself before his personal maid brought him back to the present from his deep thoughts. "Your highness " that marked the 25th time of her calling Haseeb without getting any respond.

 "Your highness" She raised her voice a little bit . "What did you want?How dare you interrupt my thoughts ?" Shouted Haseeb glaring at his personal maid which frightened her a little bit but later came to her senses since she's already used to all his tantrums.

  "Hem,I called you because of your favourite TV channel but because of the facts that you didn't answer me on time ,the Movie is over already but not to worry because they are going to reshow it around 9:pm."Explained Riskoh.

 Frowning ,he asked "Ehehn so what happened there?"

 "Francis send Jessica best friend to poison Jessica."Explained Riskoh giving her master smiling😄 face for willing to know what happened from her. "Really? So did Jessica best friend agree to poison her friend?" Asked Haseeb plotting some evil plans  in his head.

                                        "Of course it's not like she has a choice .".    

  "What did you mean about her not having a choice?" Asked Haseeb eagerly. "He used her younger sister as a bait." Responded Riskoh showing pity face as if it happened for real and not just in a movie.

  'Her sister as a bait?wow ,I later found a way to execute my plan .' Haseeb said to himself evilly. "Get me Farhan personal maid. You must get her here at all cost."Ordered Haseeb seriously bringing his phone out of his pocket. "Sure your highness."Uttered Riskoh and quickly rushed out.

  "Hello Asad . Quickly visit Latifah's (Farhan personal maid) mother with my guards to kidnap her and please leave no traces."Haseeb ordered his driver on phone and dropped the call.

  "Assalamun Allaykum. How may I help you your highness?"Greeted Latifa who entered Haseeb room with Haseeb personal maid bending his head a little bit to show her respect while Haseeb eyed his personal maid to excuse them.

  "Wallaykumun Salam " You can have your seat ." He answered gently pointing at the sofas in his room which statued😲 Latifa to death . ' Why will crown prince offered me a seat in his room?" She asked herself . " What?" She asked the crown prince showing him her statued expression.

 "Did you expect me to repeat myself?"Asked Haseeb on top of his voices . " Very sorry your highness." Answered Latifa scaredly and quickly settled down at the edge of a sofa gazing down uncomfortable.

   Haseeb stood up from his bed padding around in his room for some minutes without uttering a word to Latifa which scared Latifa the more . 'Ding dong.' Haseeb received a message which he quickly checked out and saw " Done your highness" ,with that Haseeb smiled broodly and settled down on a sofa facing scared Latifa.

  "You must be wondering why I called you here right?" Asked Haseeb staring at Latifa . " Yes your highness ." She responded gently without raising her head up. 

  "Here have it ." Ordered Haseeb handing his phone to Latifa who collected it from him with shaking hands. "Mum?" She exclaimed  in tears. She saw her mum tied to a chair groaning in pain from the video Haseeb showed her.

   "What's wrong with my mum ? How did she end up like this?" She asked in the middle of crying and became restless. "Calm down girl . There's only one way for you to save your mum but am not sure if you will be able to do it." Responded Haseeb giving Latifa doubting look.

  "Why won't I? Am ready to do anything for my mom safety ." Assured Latifa while Haseeb wore his usual evil smile. "That's good of you ."He said and brought out a bottle of poison ,he hand over it to Latifa who is still crying.

 "What's this?"She asked . "Poison" He responded gently. " Por ,por, por..... poison?"She asked with trembling lips. Upon hearing this, Haseeb stood up from the sofa , moved closer to his bed and turned his back at Latifa ." Poison Farhan." He ordered with serious expression.

  "It's either you poison him or I kill your mum." Hearing this, Latifa broked down in tears 'what kind of condition is this ?' She asked herself. "The ball is in your court. Your master or the woman who gave birth to you? You only have an hour to decide before Farhan is back from work and mind you,no one must know about this . Vacate here." He ordered seriously. 


 "What's this commotion all about?"Asked Ms Naila coldly moving closer to errands maids but everyone of them became silent instead of answering her. "Are you deaf?"She sneered at them . "Ma,ma,ma....the thing, the" Hikmah who happened to be the most scared one among them couldn't force a statement out of her mouth.

  "When did you turn to stammerer?"Ms Naila asked angrily . " ...was, was ,was...... saying thar thar   thar....that crown prince made an attempt to ,to , ra,ra ....rape prin ,prin princess Omaira."Explained Hikmah gazing down with trembling lips.

   "What?" Asked Ms Naila shockingly . "Aasma ,tell Haseeb to meet me in my chamber immediately.""With that,she exit errand maids place while Aasma also rushed to Haseeb chamber. "With Ms Naila's expression ,she knew nothing about what her son did."Murmured Balkis and everyone of them discussed on it.

  "I don't know when Hikmah will grow up and stop crying on every  little things."Teased Barokah. "I beg, leave our baby alone o , that's the only baby we have among us ." Uttered Mardiyah jokingly. "Still a baby at twenty" Upon hearing what Barokah said, everyone of them burst in to laughter making jest of Hikmah who is still crying.


  "Your highness , there is something I wish to discuss with you. It's not really a discussion,I only need your advice." Uttered Latifa trying her best not to show what's going on ,on her mind in front of Farhan."

   "Go ahead then. Hope no problem Sha ?Because you've not been yourself since I've arrived from work." Responded Farhan looking very worried with her personal maid expression. "No problem your highness. I only need your advice." She replied gently.

  "Alright have your sit then." He instructed placing his phone on the dinning table in order to be able to give his full concentration to what Latifa has to say to him while Latifa also settled down across the table with him. "Hmmmm...the thing is a friend of mine told me that her mum is on sick bed so as her close friend . The doctor demand five hundred thousand on each  of them whereas my friend can only afford to pay for one person. Who will you advice her to go for?"Asked Latifa composing herself.

   "That's deep o but I will advise her to go for her mother and after that ,she can start looking for how to get another five hundred thousand naira for her closest friend treatment. " Upon hearing this ,tears escaped Latifah's eyes ,not because of anything but because her boss will soon be poisoned by her.

  "Why those tears? Hope the issue is about your friend Sha ? Or are you keeping something from me?" Farhan asked suspiciously which made Latifah to quickly wipe away her tears. " It's about my friend. Thank you for helping me to solve the puzzle I've been finding hard to solve ." She thanked him and stood up.

  "You are the best master I could ever asked for. Let me quickly get you your food." With that ,she exit to the kitchen and pick up her already poisoned food . 'Am very sorry for what am about to do your highness but I have no other choice.' she apologized to herself. "Enjoy your food " she said immediately she placed the food on the dinning table giving Farhan fake smile.

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Hints from the next episode

"We need to clean up the mess you've caused "

"You at times do things without thinking of what the result would be."

Stay connected,to be continued Insha Allah

Written by Maryam Clara Oladejo(The Phenomenal Author)

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