The Inseparable Episode 2(the backbiter)

Episode 2;

 The Backbiter 

      In the name of Allah the most gracious ,the most merciful peace and blessings of Allah (Glorified and Exalted He is) be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).


And the slaves of most beneficient (Allah) are those who walk on the Earth in humility and sedateness ,and when the foolish address them (with sad words) they will reply back with mild of gentleness [Qur'an 25:63]

        Aasma's POV 

  "Have you heard?" I heard one of the maids voice as we all settled across a table in our quarter eating silently . " Heard what?" Everyone asked eagerly except I and Jasmin ,we didn't even bother to raise our heads up from the food we were eating because we are very sure she's about to backbite or make up some lies.

  "Hope you are not here to tell us one of your lies you always plant?"Asked Barokah giving Balkis suspicious look while everyone laugh out seeing the expression Balkis gave to Barokah instead of answering her question.

  "Crown prince made an attempt to rape princess Omaira "Informed Balkis gently without making any noice which made me to raise my head up in a second. "What?" They all asked in unison not believing what she said to them.

  Could it be the truth or she's only lying ? Anyway that girl is at times unbelievable , somehow believable in some cases . I wonder if she was been bath with lace spongy on her first bath immediately they gave birth to her with the way she always pass informations from one places to another without anyone sending her to .I wonder where she do get those informations from.Her mouth is too lose.

 "Haaaaaaaay Baliiiiiiiikis . Wallahi I've known that you are here to tell us one of your made up lies again. Is it not you ? Lier. "Uttered Barokah giving Balkis you are unbelievable look. "Why did you guys always think of me in this manner? She queried .

  "Because that's who you are . Liar."Said Hikmah and quickly stuffed Balkis mouth with one spoonful of beans . "Here ! Eat and stopped your nonsense talks."She uttered removing spoon from Balkis mouth while Balkis used her palm to wipe her lips. Let me just keep shut because I knew that you guys will never believe me." She said in-between chewing one spoonful of beans Hikmah fed her ,with that everyone gave her who send you look and continue eating their food silently.

*Why will Haseeb ever think of doing something despicable as that?*

 *Da,da,dad be , believe me am not telling lies ,I was only telling the .............* Both king and Prince Farhan's statement to one another replayed itself on my head. Does that mean that what prince Farhan said to the king which makes him so angry at him  be about the rape issue ,if it is why will Crown prince ever think of doing something of such? I kept asking myself questions without getting answer to any of them.

  "Aasma , won't you eat?" Asked Jasmi bringing me out of my deep thought . Jasmin happened to be my closest friend among we the maids ,we both are gentle type , you can say we are close because of that as Yoruba do says that birds of the same feather fluck together. "Will do so." I responded and force out a smile.


Later at night

Writer's POV

   The night was running and approaching to 11:pm but still,Omaira couldn't force herself to sleep even after saying her adhkar more than ten times . The scene of what happened to her keeps replaying itself on her head . She later stood up after some hours of changing her sides on the bed.

   "Boooooo." Omaira heard a strange sound which made her to jump in her bed in a second and cover herself up with a duvet out of fear using her mind to pray ' what could that sound be?' She asked herself. ' Ya Allah hope he is not here again. She kept on speaking to herself without being able to hold on to any solid sentence but later picked up some courage and exit her room and walk straight to her maids room which is also in her chamber.

  "Afisah ." She called out the name of her maid ." Your highness ,you are not asleep yet?" Asked Afisah sleepingly standing up of her bed while Omaira settled down at the edge of her maid's bed.

  "Yes I could not sleep." She confessed trying her best to stop her tears from falling. "I need you to get me my guards immediately so you guys could walk me to mum chamber. " She ordered and Afisah quickly did what she asked her to.

 "Omaira what are you doing here so late at night ?" Asked Queen Aaleya surprisingly immediately Omaira entered her room. Omaira embraced her mother without answering her question blocking her tears from escaping her eyes. " I understand . You can sleep with me." With that both of them slept off . Omaira held Queen Aaleya so tight as if she would be taken if she should let go of her.


The next morning

Farhan's POV

  I knew that what am about to do will have some terrible pay back on me but still,am not ready to give up because I can tolerate everything but cannever and will new be able to bear with someone who tried to do any harm to both my mum and my younger sister.

  "His highness, eldest prince is here" Announced Haseeb guards but am not ready to wait for him to allow me in before I barged in to his chamber angrily and punch him on his fresh wounds making bloods to gush out of it. His eyes widened immediately he felt my punch on his face maybe that was because of the facts that I've never done such a thing to him before no matter what he did to me but this time around ,he stepped beyond his boundaries and I won't be able  to tolerate him, not anymore.

 "How dare you?" He steered at me coldly grabbing me by my wrist ." How dare you barged in to my chamber in order to punch me ? He asked coldly . "And how dare you sneaked in to my sister chamber with the intention of raping her ?" I queried but he laughed at me instead of answering me ,he let go of my wrist and picked up the wine he placed on his table ,pour it in to two glasses and settled down across a table. 

  "Come join me." He offered evilly pointing to a chair in front of him . What kind of game is this man playing?. "Oh sorry I still have to give you an answer to that your useless question. I didn't sneaked in to her room for your information, I entered. I've you forgotten about the facts that am not just a prince but crown prince,the heir to the throne . Sorry,I knew you are still finding it hard to accept that even though you didn't have a choice. And what's wrong in trying to have a taste in a lady you found sexy and attractive?Is anything wrong in that ?more over she's not that sexy sef,just wish to manage her ,to make her feel good you know." He uttered rudely making my whole body to burn on fire . I squeezed my palm immediately and moved closer to him to give him a blow on his wounded face.

   "Ash." He groaned and quickly held my wrist once again ." Relax bro. Why are making a fuss on this as if it's one serious matter. There's no big due in it . Just wish to help you check whether that sister of yours is still intact." He said to me and smirk while l stump my feet on the ground immediately.

  "Don't you dare speak about my sister in that manner again." I warned him and struggled to remove my wrist from his hand ,he fell down by doing so. "Now ,I've had enough of you. But will promise you one thing, I will never stop trying my chance on her and you will also pay for what you did to me today." He sneered at me angrily and ordered his guards to move me out of his room. "Remove this thing out of my room." He ordered but exit on my own will without allowing any guards to move closer to me , it's not like am scared of them tho , it's just that I didn't want Shaytan to used me against him if I choose to still remain there.

Here comes another chapter. So, how did you find it?

Will In Sha Allah release the next episode by tomorrow but as from tomorrow upward ,I will start releasing one ,one episodes three days in a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday ) due to some reasons .


Hint from the next episode

"It's either you chose to poison him or chose for your mum to be kill."

"The ball is in your court. Your master or someone who gave birth to you?".........

To be continued Insha Allah.....

written by Maryam Clara Oladejo(Phenomenal writer)

Brought to you by; Ibnkhaer,08134431111

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