People who were Promised Paradise


  • AbdurRahmon bn Awf(580-652)

He became a Muslim before the prophet entered the house of Al-arqam, infact it is said that he accepted Islam only two days after Abu-bakr did so.

AbdurRahmon did not escape the punishment which the early Muslims suffered at the hand of Quraysh.

AbdurRahmon's support for the Muslim and Prophet's wives in particular was well known,the messenger of God asked Allah to bless AbdurRahmon and grant him peace. Prophet (Sallah Llah Alei Wasalam) said; no one will feel compassionate towards you after I die except the Sabirin(those who are patient and resolute). And AbdurRahmon became the richest man and the companions of Prophet.

May Abdulrahmon bn Awf be granted Felicity "among those who spend their substance in the cause of God and follow up not their gifts with reminder of their generosity or with injury. For them their rewards is with their Lord,on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve." The Qur'an (2;262).

  • Abu ubaydah bn Al-jarrah (583-639)

He was described as the Amin or custodian of Muhammad's community. His full name was Amir bn Abdullah bn Al-jarrah. He was known as Ubaydah. Of him Abdullah bn Umar, one of the companion of the prophet (Sallah Llah Alei Wasalam) said;

"Three persons in the tribe of Quraysh were most prominent,had the best character and were the most modest. If they spoke to you,they would not deceive you can and if you spoke to them, they would not accuse you of Lying: Abu-bakr As-siddiq, Uthman bn Affan and Abu ubaydah bn Al-jarrah.

Abu ubaydah was one of the first persons to accept Islam. He became Muslim one day after Abu-bakr. Infact it was through Abu-bakr he became Muslim.

Abu ubaydah was in the vanguard of the Muslim forces, fighting with might and main and as someone who was not all afraid of death.

  • Sa'd bn Abi-waqas ( 595-674)

Sa'ad Ibn Abi Waqqas, was the one who built the city of Kufa in Iraq during the rule of Umar ibn al-Khattab. Saʿd also fought under ʿUmar's command against the Sassanid army at the Battle of al-Qādisiyyah and Battle of Nahāvand. He was later appointed governor of Kufa and Nejd during the caliphate of ʿUmar.



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