Crying for Fear of Allah

 Shedding tears out of remembrance of Allah (SWT) is not a very easy thing to do and is not something that anyone can do, which is why it is one of the characteristics required to achieve Allah’s (SWT) shade on a day where there will be no shade but His. This action can only happen if you really know Allah (SWT) and understand His blessings upon you, as well as what He is capable of doing.

When pondering upon Allah’s (SWT) blessings upon us, we realise how numerous they are and how undeserving we are of these blessings. If you wronged a human in this world and this person didn’t mention this to anyone else, and on top of that, when you needed their help, they were always there to help you even if you didn’t ask for it, how would your reaction be to this person? How would your reaction be to someone who your evils are to Him ascending, while His blessings are to you descending? He is good to you when He is in no need of you, while you are bad to him when you are in full need of Him. All of your wrongdoings don’t stop Him from looking after you, and all of His assistance, blessings, care, etc don’t stop you from sinning against Him. All of the needs of the creation are in His hands and He is the most generous. He gives you more than what you need before you even ask Him, and He accepts and grows the small deeds you have, while forgiving and erasing the great sins you commit. Everyone in the world asks Him for help and that doesn’t stop Him from seeing to your needs every moment of your life. He loves to be asked and is angry at the ones who do not ask. He is shy to turn away a slave who asks for His help, while you are never shy to sin against Him in public and private. He guards your sins while you expose them to everyone else. He called you to His blessings, assistance and content with you, while you refused, so He sent the messengers (عليهم السلام) to show you the way and you refused, so He comes down to the lowest sky in the last third of every night to tell you to ask for forgiveness and help, yet you refuse.

Every human in this world, when they help you, it is for a reason that will bring benefit to them whether in this life or the hereafter, and if they knew that their help to you doesn’t bring them any benefit then they will surely not help you. However, when it comes to Allah’s (SWT) help, He helps you so that you benefit. He gives you strength so you do good and when you do good, He rewards you by multiplying your deeds, while when you sin, He only counts it as one sin. Every person in this world who loves you, loves you for themselves, while Allah (SWT) loves you for your sake.

This is the reality of our relationship with Allah (SWT), and when you look at this relationship, you realise how unjust you have been to Allah (SWT) and this is the feeling that should make you not only shed tears, but cry rivers when you remember Allah (SWT).  We all should sit down by ourselves every day and remember how good Allah (SWT) has been to us and how bad we have been to Him, and we will then cry out of reverence and humiliation because we have all wronged the only being that must never be wronged, and should never be neglected.

To achieve this great attribute of fearing Allah (SWT), we can do the following:

  • Remembering the previous sins we have fallen in
  • Being wary of not fulfilling the obligations
  • Thinking of what will happen on the day of judgement
  • Pondering upon Allah’s (SWT) greatness and ability
  • Looking at how Allah (SWT) speaks about the successful ones and their attributes
  • Pondering upon Allah’s (SWT) words and those of His messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم)
  • Pondering upon death and about its inevitability
  • Pondering upon what comes after death in our graves
  • Pondering upon what will happen when we are resurrected
  • Remembering what Allah (SWT) said about hellfire
  • Pondering upon how we have forgotten our sins but Allah (SWT) has not and will not forget them
  • Knowing that death can approach us suddenly before we have time to repent
  • Remembering the stories of those who have died before us and have had a bad death.

If we really think about what will happen to us and how much we have transgressed, as well as us not knowing if our righteous deeds were accepted or not, we should always be crying from the fear of Allah (SWT). We should also remember the hadeeth of the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) when he said “Two eyes will not be touched by the fire, an eye that cried from the fear of Allah, and an eye that stayed awake guarding for the sake of Allah” Reported in Tirmidhi.

All Praises is due to Allah we ask Him to let us die in the path of Qur'an and Sunnah.



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