How To Celebrate The Praise Of Allah

There are hundreds of benefits associated with dhikr, the act of reciting and celebrating the praises of Allah (swt). The well-known medieval scholar Ibn Al-Qaiyim mentioned more than seventy of these in his book Kitabul-Adhkar. Among the benefits he mentioned were that dhikr drives away Satan, pleases Allah and replaces pain and sorrow of the heart with peace, happiness and contentment. Dhikr illuminates the heart, leads one to prosperity and is itself a recognising the awe, splendour and glory of Allah. Dhikr nurtures the love of Allah in the heart of the believer and draws the worshiper near to Him. Allah throws open the door of understanding for the worshipper who engages in Dhikr. Dhikr cleanses and invigorates the heart, washes away the transgressions and it also closes the gap between the worshiper and the creator. Dhikr strengthens the spirit. By reciting the praises of Allah, the worshipper comes to know Allah’s comfort in times of hardship, and hope of redemption from His wrath. Dhikr causes a feeling of assurance and well-being or sakinah to descend upon the heart whilst enveloped in the warm glow of Allah’s mercy. The angels sit with those who quietly recite the praise of Allah, Allah will protect from grief on the day of resurrection. The Prophet (saw) said “one who remembers Allah in seclusion and weeps will remain in the shadow of Allah on the day when there is no shade but His i.e. the day of Resurrection”. Of all who call upon Allah, He will give the best to those who recite His praise. Of all forms of worship or Ibadah, dhikr is the easiest and one of the most highly prized. A simple recitation of Allah’s praise is a seedling planted in the garden of Paradise. The reward and benefits it brings are unlike those of any other deed. Constant celebration of Allah’s praise will protect the heart of the believer from forgetfulness of Allah. Those who remember him, Allah makes dhikr easy. It is the light in this world and the next. The covenant of the heart may not be honoured without the celebration of the praises of Allah, the most high. There is a want and need in the heart that cannot be satisfied except with dhikr. It brings order out of chaos, relieves the believer of the twin burdens of anxiety and wrong doing, revives the indolent heart, and restrains the tongue from gossip and idle chatter. As you recite and celebrate the praises of Allah, you draw nearer to Him. Your act of celebration is equal to the merit of freeing a slave, spending in the way of Allah, and joining in the ranks of His defenders, praise is heaped upon the faithful whenever their tongues are moist with the remembrance of Allah. There is a knot in the heart that cannot be undone except by dhikr. It is a balm for the heart and a cure for its ailments. Nothing can bring blessings nor deflect affliction like it. Those who sit alone or together and mention the praises of Allah, in fact sit in a corner of Paradise. Indeed Allah reminds His angels of His pride in those who celebrate His praises. Dhikr is one best way to keep Allah’s command and limits faithfully. Dhikr smoothes out difficulties and eases hardship. It lightens burdens and banishes fear and anxiety from the heart. Dhikr nurtures confidence and reliance in Allah and eliminates pessimism and cynicism. Dhikr gives the worshiper the stamina and strength what will otherwise be impossible. Dhikr is a mighty barrier between the believer and the fire of hell. The angels seek forgiveness on behalf of those who rehearse the praises of Allah. Hypocrisy cannot enter the heart filled with the constant celebration of Allah’s praises. Dhikr is a mighty fortress against the trials and tribulations of this world and the next. Dhikr is an important act of worship and should be intensified in these last few days of Ramadan. May Allah (swt) make it easy and beneficial to us all. 



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