The Inseparable

 Undying Love


  • Battle of Power 
  •  Rights
  •  Love
  • Throne and Happiness.

Story Description

        I hope this story of mine create magical world around you . Please forgive me for any sort of grammatical mistakes or errors ,I love positive critism.

        Am not that great in writting stories but I promise you one thing ,you won't regret using your time to read my story. Corrections are welcome and please leave positive comments on the group but private chat me for negative ones as no one is above mistakes.

       Any sorts of plagiarism is not allowed either copying , reposting or sharing ,it is highly prohibited and not allowed for Allah sake . Remember Allah in everything you do ,I may not find out but remember Allah is always with you and also watching you in every acts of yours so I leave you in his hands for he is the best lawyer and has the best judgement.

       Any resemblance to any living or deads ,events, incidents, organizations or places is coincident .

     The characters ,places , events , organization e.t.c used in the book are a product of my thinkings and imaginations . This book is a work of fiction ,it does not mean any offence or discrimination against any kinds of people.

     This book is dedicated to my two sisters and best of friends (Mogaji Rukayah and Abdulrazaq Zainab Adebola ) . Thanks for your advices and cooperations so far, you two are really great to work with , can't ❤️ you less. 

      My readers am very happy to be back to story world and am very sorry for keeping you waiting. For my new readers please check out my other works (Mend my broken heart, finding happiness, destiny,on my way to take revenge , unexpected bond and destined to meet).


      Farhan Hussain: 

                     He is a young handsome prince and the only legitimate son of the king . He is 27 years old and also a very successful business man who always have sad espressions behind all his smiles . He has never smile genuinely without having any hint of sadness in it due to his father hatred towards him and his mum.

   Haseeb Hussain:

                      He is a young handsome arrogant crown prince and the illegitimate son of the king but crowned him the crown prince anyway. He is 25 years old without any work of his own because he believes that he doesn't need it since he's dad is providing him everything he needed and also the next king to the throne .His dad shows him and his mum so much love to the extent of spoiling them. His smiles and laughs always came a long with despicable looks and dangerous plans . One more thing,he is also a womanizer but has one  particular lady that attract him.

   King Hussain:

                      Happens to be one of the most wealthy , influential king who falls in love with a maid and made her his concubine due to the facts that marrying a maid is a taboo in the royal family unknowing to him that the tree he trusted the most and also leaned on is the most despicable human being on health.

    Queen Aaleya :

                        She is beautiful , compassionate , loving and also caring . She happens to be a princess of one small village who got married to a very influential king of a big city but found out that her husband only marry her in order to protect his throne not for love but still , she remained there in order not to cause shame to her father and her whole hometown .

   Ms Naila :            

                       Happens to be one of the most beautiful young maid during her time ,this beauty captivate the king and made her his concubine without finding out anything about her. One more thing about her ,she is the most cunning despicable woman in the palace.

    Aasma Saad :

                              Happened to be a very beautiful , pretty young lady who has always dream of becoming a doctor but one terrible incident spoiled all her dreams and turned her to a maid in the palace right from her teen age but she's now 23.

      Hop in to the long journey of seeing this sets of people in action . Are you going to fall in love with them or not? Well that's a question you will have to answer when you go deep in the story.

   And mind you my stories always came along with alots of suspense and my readers already know me for that but just saying this for the new readers so prepare yourself to face the suspense.

  Happy reading in advance

Written by Maryam Clara Oladejo

         (Phenomenal author)

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