The Inseparable (episode 1)

 The Inseparable (Episode 1)

Attempted Rape

   In the name of Allah the most gracious ,the most merciful.

Peace and blessings of Allah(Glorified and Exalted he is )be upon our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W),his blessed family and noble companions 


   Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu (May peace ,blessings and bounty of Allah be upon you)my lovely readers.

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     "He should know that his heart is empty of fate when good advice has no avail on him.

             Aasma's Pov

   "Shut up. I said shut up" Roared the king which made all my body to turned numb in a second as if I was the one he shouted on . 'Who could he be shouting on?' I asked myself and quickly placed the plate of food I was holding on the dinning table, moved closer to his room door which is slightly opened and peeped through it.

 I saw king gazing at his legitimate son (eldest prince also known as prince Farhan Hussain) angrily while tears keeps rushing out of his son's eyes. I don't know the reasons why he despice his eldest son so much like that . He always end up shouting at him or sending him out  of his chamber anytime he pays his chamber a visit whereas he never does that to his youngest son (illegitimate son also known as crown prince Haseeb Hussain).

   Ya Allah I didn't know the reasons why I always feel indifferent anytime I came across the eldest prince . I couldn't interpret my feelings , couldn't tell what it meant . Maybe it's because of the pity I has for him on my mind with the way king do treat him.

 "How dare you tell lies against Haseeb? Why will Haseeb ever think of doing something despicable as that?" Asked the king on top of his voices . He's never tired of shouting,I pray he doesn't deficate on his body one day with the rate at wish he do shout but only with his  wife and legitimate childrens otherwise he's a gentle man but do shows this angry mood of his only with his legitimate childrens and wife.

  "Da ,da ,dad be, believe me am not telling lies ,I was only telling the ..........."The eldest prince was responded with three hot slaps before he could finish his statements which made tears to rushed out of his eyes.

 "Keep shut you liar."Hollered the king angrily using his feet to hit the ground.

 " Is that interesting to your earings?" Wishpered Badr in to my ears making my whole body to shiver in fear. ' What if he report me?' I asked myself panicly. Subhanallah ! Something of such musn't happen,why on Earth did I have to eavesdrop on father and son discussion? 

 "I turned around in panic gazing down for my eyes not to meet with that of Badr. "Um, hm ,ummmm." I couldn't form a statement out of my mouth which made me to close my eyes for a moment. "Aasma you can do this .you should face this since you caused if to yourself. " I gave myself some confident trying to look calm in front of Badr.

 "I ! I! I was here to deliver Ms Naila ( king lover and also known as his concubine) message. She asked me to bring the special food she made for the king to him."I uttered gazing down and quickly walk straight to where I placed the food on. The reasons why I referred to the food as special was because of the facts that Ms Naila herself happens to be someone special to the king.  

  Badr is the king personal guard and also jovial in nature but only with the king. He only left his post because king sent him on one important errand otherwise he never leaves the king side unless king is with his lover.

  "Out" Hollered the king diverting I and curious Badr attentions to his room door. "Assalamun Allaykum your highness."Greeted I and Badr bending our head down a little bit immediately the eldest son left king's room in sadness .

   "Wallaykum salam." Responded to our greetings without looking at us and walked away. Seeing him so sad as this makes my heart to fell apart but who am I to console him? And who am I to have those kinds of feelings towards him when am just a maid.

   I opened the food and have one spoonful of it in order to show Badr that the food didn't contain poison. It's not like the king didn't trust Ms Naila ,of course he trust her because she is his lover but it's Badr's job to look after the king ,so for that no one is trustable to Badr.

  I waited for five minutes before walking away. Allhamdullillah king's way of shouting is someone helpful because am very sure that Badr wanted to ask me what I was doing in front of the king's room but forgot to due to king shout.

  My name is Aasma Saad . Being a doctor had been my dream job ,non of my family was a doctor so you wouldn't says that I got the inspiration from my family members. However ,one painful incident shattered this dream of mine; That was when am still in my teen age (18years) , dad borrowed money from the most influential man in our village for me to be able to further my education.

 But unfortunately for us , thieves  made a visit to our small hut and demand for the money but my dad was killed on that fateful day due to the facts that he lied to them. Mum later gives the money to them when they threatened to also kill me and my younger brother who was 10 years old then. 

  But mum also passed away after that when she couldn't took in  the shock of her husband's death. I and my younger brother moved to grandma's place after that incident . The person that lend dad the money keeps disturbing I and my brother ever since then which made me to give myself to one old man who do take every young lady in our village to the city for being a maid and ever since then I've been working as an errand maid in this palace.

   And Allhamdullillah I've been able to pay my dad's debt with my salary and also using the little I had on me to send my younger brother to school and also cater for grandma.


Farhan's Pov

  I left my dad chamber breathing heavily in both sad and angry mood. How could my dad be this heartless towards his own daughter only because of his illegitimate son womanizer ways of living.

  I supposed to have known that he won't listen to me not to talk of believing me nor defend my sister because he has never shows us love right from our childhood age not even for once but I never knew that he is this cruel and heartless .

  "His highness , elder prince is here" announced the guards immediately I reached my sister chamber and bend down their heads for me a little bit showing me their respects while I quickly eyed them to vacate the vicinity for a while.

 My sadness increased the moment I saw my sister swollen red eyes immediately I entered her chamber . I eyed her personal maid to also vacate the vicinity for a while inwhich she does so immediately while I quickly moved closer to my sister making her to give me a very tight hug.

 " Everything will be okay." I said tapping her on her head making her to cry her eyes out on my chest. "How did it happen?" Asked mum and grandma ( king's mother) worriedly immediately they entered my younger sister (Omaira ) chamber which made her to let go of me and quickly rush to give grandma a very tight hug. 

 "Grandma I've suffered ,Haseeb ,Haseeb made an attempt......" She couldn't put what happened in to words because of the facts that it's too irritating to one earrings. " Be calm dear." Uttered grandma emotionally and urged Omaira to settle down on a sofa,with that I and mum did so as well.

  "Please be calm and explain everything to us Omaira." Urged mum in low voice gazing at Omaira who held grandma very tight straight in the eyes.

   "It happened that I was sleeping but suddenly felt someone hand around my waist trying to lift down my undies. I couldn't see the person's face  because he already switched off the light. I tried to shout  but but he locked his lips with mine and tored my nightie in a second. After some minutes of pushing him away and fighting him ,my hand later land on the knife I used to peel oranges then used it on him . Which made him to leave in pains ,I knew I donot hurt him much but am sure I left a wound on his face. " 

 "Subhanallah hope he didn't succeed in what he made an attempt to do." Asked mum in tears which made  Omaira to nod her head in no manner.

   "No I didn't give him the chance of offing my undies before using knife on him. I quickly switched un the light immediately he left and later found out that  Haseeb was the one that bought already injected 🍎 apple for my guards and maids which made them to fell asleep deeply without realizing what was happening around them." She pursed a little bit.

  "More so , I saw his wristwatch on my bed this morning and one of my guard also informed me that he has a fresh wound on his face when they came across him this morning."She explained breathing hard .

    Grandma moved closer to her and gave her a very tight hug. " So Haseeb wayward lifestyle has now deepened to the extent of willing to rape his sister." Uttered Grandma having resentment look all over her faces.

   Even though dad didn't love us , grandma has always been there for us to shower us the love dad couldn't give to us. My sister clocked eighteen this year.

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To be continued Insha Allah

Written by Maryam Clara Oladejo

(The Phenomenal Author)

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