The Sunnah of Wearing Shoes

Prophet – Peace be upon him – said: (If you want to wear your shoes, start with the right foot and if you want to take it off, start with the left. Or you should either wear them both at the same time, or take them both off.) Narrated by Muslim.

 This Sunnah is repeated at day and night so many times; the Muslim wears and takes off his shoes to go out and come back from the Masjid, work, home, bathroom …etc, therefore, when you wear or take off the shoes according to the Sunnah with the intention of following the ex- ample of the Prophet – Peace be upon him – you will gain a lot of good deeds.

Dua for wearing shoes or sandals

You can recite Bismillah when you are wearing shoes or sandals and if you are wearing new shoes or sandals the following dua can also be recited:

“All praises are due to Allah, who clothed me with which I cover my body and with which I adorn myself in my life.” (Sunan Tirmizi)

Ibn Khaer



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