Islamic Prohibition of Eating Food Dedicated for Non-muslim's Festival

All praise belong to Allah the Lord of Jinkind and Mankind He says in His holy book: [Interpretation of the meaning] "For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.”  (Q109: V6).

And may the everlasting peace of Allah and His blessing be  bestowed upon the best creation son of 'Abduahi Muhammad bn 'Abdillah he said: Allah The Almighty has given you better days instead: the Day of Fitr and Al-Adh-ha.”

This treatise Insha-Allah will in summary simplify the reason why we must reject the food given to us by the Christians and Jews in the name of their festivals (December 25, Christmas, Easter Monday etc):

 Firstly: Islamically: we (as Muslims) all believed that prophet 'Issa(Jesus) didn't order or encourage them to be celebrating his birthday or any other festivals therefore the celebration is an innovation in their religion. So are we now cooperating with them on what's unlawful while Allah had said [interpretation of the meaning]: (5:2) And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is severe in penalty.

Eating their so-called festival's food simply means we're pleased with what they're doing.

 Secondly: The celebration is an innovation in their religion as affirmed earlier, so cooperate with them (by helping them in slaughtering their chicken greeting them on these occasions, accepting the festival's food etc) on this, is another major sin. The noblest prophet said:

Allah cursed him who sacrificed for anyone besides Allaah; And Cursed Him Who Accommodated an Innovators; and Allah cursed him who cursed his parents and Allah cursed him who changed the boundary lines (of the land possessed by him). Sahih Muslim Book: 36 , Hadith : 5240.

 Thirdly: Islam has forbidden ant other festivals besides two (I.e 'eid Al-fitr and 'eid Al-adha) Evidence for this is the Hadeeth narrated by Anas, may Allah be pleased with him that, when the Prophet, came to Madeenah, the people had two days on which they used to engage in entertainment. He asked about these two days and they said: "The are two day on which we used to play while we're in pre-islamic epoch (i.e before we embraced Islam) he then said “Allah The Almighty has given you better days instead: the Day of Fitr and Al-Adh-ha.” [Abu Daawood, An-Nasaa’i and others] [ Saheeh (Authentic) chain of narrators].

 Fourthly: Doubting and Clerification: If someone quoted the verse that stated the permissibility of eating their food for you to corroborate the opinion that we can eat their festival's food!

You should let him/her know that there is a distinction between the verse and this issue. No one say we shouldn't eat their pure food as long as it has nothing to do with their so-called festivals, as we all agreed that eating Muslim's food is allowed as long as it has nothing to do with what's unlawful, good!.

So, you should ask him/her that: is it allowed to eat a fellow Muslim's food or not?! He/She'll surely say: yes! Then you should ask him/her: can we eat a meat slaughtered by a Muslim for the sake of a river, grave, ghost etc? He'll surely say no! (But if he/she says yes! Then you should know that he's a complete ignoramous  kindly let him/her be because he/she'll not understand you) Then you should ask: hasn't Allah stated the permissibility of eating a Muslim's food? He'll say: Allah stated it but what the meat (I.e the meat slaughtered for the sake of river,  ghost etc) is dedicated for is unlawful, that's why we can't eat it!.

Upon this you'll then tell him/her that: we didn't eat their (the Christians and Jews) festival's food not because they're disbelievers but because it's prepared for the sake of unlawful thing. You get it? Good!

Also, you may ask that can we eat a food prepared for the sake of Fidau prayer, Maulid etc? He'll surely say no(only except if he/she is a misguided innovator then you should let him/her has his/her way don't waste your time), not because it's a Muslim's food but because it is unlawful to eat such a food. Therefore the same thing goes to the issue of Christmas, new year etc, we do not eat the food not because they're Christians but because of the so-called festival.

Here we shall stop,all Praises is due to Allah,we ask Allah Azawajal to perfect our religion and make us die in a path of Qur'an and Sunnah.

Abdul-Fattahi Afolabi.

Brought to you by; Ibnkhaer



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