Difference Between Fear and Respect


Taqwa, the fear of Allah, is the only force that can restrain man from evil and wickedness. It is this fear of Allah that keeps the heart of a believer awake and enables him to distinguish right from wrong. Besides, Taqwa is the only virtue that brings honour to a believer, man or woman, in the Islamic society.

We should fear Allah and nothing else,we should direct our fear to Allah by Believe in Him, Observing of prayers,fast, give out charity,and visit the House of Allah. We should abstain from showing off in any of these kinds of mentioned Ibadah.


respect means putting the whole faith to Allah SWT , while to another Muslim and humans respect is a shield to prevent us to judge someone only by his outward traits without knowing him further.

Respecting Muslims means recognizing, on a foundation of human dignity, the humanity.

Islam teaches us to treat all beings with respect , honor and dignity. The most deserving of respect is our Creator Allah (s.w.t) Himself

Ibn khaer


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