What Are The Gift From Allah


A gift from Allah Azawajal is never little

The Prayer is Allah's mercy to His believing slaves. He guided them to it, acquainted them with it, and gifted it to them through His truthful and honest Messenger (Sallah Llah Alei Wasalam) as a means to attaining His mercy and privilege.

His purpose behind the Prayer is to qualify them to deserve the dignity and honour He prepared for them, and to help them win a position of nearness to Him. Not out of need for them, but absolute generosity from Him.

Through the Prayer, Allah guided the believers to manifest their servitude through their hearts and limbs. The heart that knows more about Allah will get the maximum benefit from it. It will be more keen to get nearer to Allah and turn completely to Him; it will feel pleasure and happiness in that state; it will enjoy His love. The reality of it being:entering in a state of standing before Allah, beautifying oneself in preparation for that moment. This serves as a constant reminder of the grand standing before Allah on the Day of Meeting.

May Allah Azawajal make it easier for us Amen.

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